Taking Care of Your Car Keeps You Safe

Taking Care of Your Car Keeps You Safe

  • Things You Should Know About The Brakes On Your Car Or Truck

    Brakes are one of the most overlooked systems on most cars but are one of the most crucial. Often, drivers assume the brake system is functioning until there is a problem, and the performance starts to fall off. However, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the brakes work when you need them. Brake Service The interval for brake service is not a clear milestone, so people forget about the brake system until they notice a problem.

  • 3 Surprisingly Costly Consequences Of Bumper Damage

    If you're old enough, you might remember when bumpers existed primarily to protect the rest of your car from severe damage. These chromed components could usually take a beating with only minimal cosmetic damage, keeping your car's body from suffering the brunt of the impact. Unfortunately, they could also be bad news for whatever (or whoever) you hit. Modern vehicle bumpers serve drastically different purposes, and manufacturers now design them as critical features in your car's collision protection systems.

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Taking Care of Your Car Keeps You Safe

When I was a teenager, my dad taught me to care for my car well. After I grew up and started a family of my own, I taught my teenager how to take care of his car, and I thought he was listening to everything I said. One day, he told me his car was "acting funny" and asked me to take a look at it. I asked him when he last changed the oil. He then told me that he had never changed it after he bought the car almost two years before! I am very grateful his lack of car maintenance did not get him injured, but it could have. I know there are a lot of other young people out there who neglect their cars, so I decided to make a blog to share auto tips and help everyone stay safer on the road!