Taking Care of Your Car Keeps You Safe

Taking Care of Your Car Keeps You Safe

Two Easy Car Maintenance Habits That Will Maximize The Resale Value Of Your Vehicle

by Kent Alvarez

You don't have to be a master mechanic to properly maintain your car's engine and exterior. All it takes is a bit of elbow grease and initiative to keep your car running and looking as new as possible. When it comes time to sell your car in the future, you'll get more money out of it and essentially offset the money you put into maintenance along the way.

Routine Engine Maintenance

Look in your vehicle owner's manual and you will find a detailed chart of the maintenance procedures that your car requires. The chart also lists the mileage at which each maintenance procedure should be performed.

Common maintenance procedures include replacing the motor oil and filter, the intake air filter, and transmission fluid. The suggested maintenance routines will also include a number of inspections that should be performed to ensure that common wear-and-tear components, such as the engine vacuum lines, brake pads, and suspension bushings, are working properly.

Always perform the suggested maintenance procedures at the listed mileage to ensure that your car remains running as reliably as possible. Additionally, have the maintenance performed by a reputable car service shop. File away all of the receipts so that when you go to sell your car down the line you'll have proof that it was maintained properly. That will make finding a buyer easier and will help you get the top dollar value of your used vehicle.

Washing and Waxing

Wash your car regularly to remove all of the grime that accumulates on the paint job. Additionally, treat your paint to a quality wax job several times a year. Your car will look much nicer while you drive it and it will command a higher resale value down the line.

Washing and waxing isn't just a way to keep your paint shiny. Some of the grime that accumulates on your paint, including engine fluids and bird droppings, can slowly eat through your car's clear coat and dull your paint over time. A damaged clear coat and dull paint will make your car look much less pristine and will lower its resale value.

Washing away all of that grime on a weekly basis keeps it from working its way through your clear coat. A generous coat of wax adds an extra layer of protection which helps defend your paint against corrosion. Additionally, quality wax products include chemicals that protect your paint against UV damage from the sun. It essentially performs the same function that sunblock lotion does for your skin.

Over the course of several years, a car that was rarely washed and waxed will appear dull and faded compared to one that was properly detailed on a regular basis. Obviously, the car with the sharper, vibrant paint job will command a higher resale value. Likewise, a properly maintained engine will drive smoother and more reliably, further increasing the payoff you get when you sell or trade in your car. Contact a car services company like Grey Chevrolet Inc today to learn more.


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Taking Care of Your Car Keeps You Safe

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