Taking Care of Your Car Keeps You Safe

Taking Care of Your Car Keeps You Safe

3 Tasks Your Local Oil Change Place Can Help You With

by Kent Alvarez

When you go to your local oil change place, they can help you out with a variety of tasks. Although they may not be a full-service auto shop, they can help take care of a lot of common issues with your vehicle.

#1 Change Your Transmission Fluid

They can check your transmission fluid. Your transmission fluid helps regulate the temperature of your vehicle. If your transmission fluid is low, they can top it off. If your transmission fluid is off-color or has debris in it, they can flush your transmission fluid. This whole process doesn't take too long, and can be completed at the same time you have your oil changed.

You may be able to get your transmission fluid topped off for free if you get your transmission flushed and filled at the same oil shop.

#2 Fill Up Your Washer Fluid

It is easy to run through your washer fluid. Luckily, washer fluid is one of the fluids that most oil change places check when they change your oil. With washer fluid, everything will be topped off so you can keep cleaning your windows on the go.

This service is usually included in your oil change.

#3 Replace Your Windshield Wiper Blades

Your windshield wiper blades should actually be replaced somewhere between six months to a year depending on where you live and how often you use your windshield wiper blades. If your wiper blades are leaving behind streaks, making noise, or just don't seem to be getting the job done then they need to be replaced.

Most oil change businesses carry a variety of windshield wiper blades and can easily switch out your wiper blades for you. You can get this done during an oil check, or if you notice your windshield wiper blades are not working properly, you can just pull in for a quick stop to have your wiper blades replaced.

You are generally just charged the price of the oil change.

#4 Change Your Air Filter

Every time you get your oil changed, you should have the air filter examined as well. Your air filter will most likely not need to be changed with every oil change; however, checking it with every oil change is the best way to ensure that you change it on time. How and where you drive can impact how long your air filter will last.

You want to replace your air filter before it is so clogged up that airflow is restricted. Regardless of miles driven, its generally a good idea to swap out the air filter at least once a year.

So, when you go in for your next oil change, you may want to consider the aforementioned services as well.


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Taking Care of Your Car Keeps You Safe

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