Taking Care of Your Car Keeps You Safe

Taking Care of Your Car Keeps You Safe

Correcting Common Automotive Brake Myths

by Kent Alvarez

Being able to slow and stop your car are essential aspects of safely operating vehicles. Unfortunately, car owners will frequently be very unaware of the type of care and maintenance that their brakes will require. Considering the immense strain that the brakes will experience along with the importance of these components, it is exceedingly important for car owners to have some common myths debunked.

Myth: The Brake Pads Are the Only Part That Will Need to Be Replaced

There is a common idea that the brake pads are the only part of the brakes that will need to be replaced. While replacing these pads will be among the most routine types of care, there are other components of the brakes that will also need to be routinely changed. For example, the rotors and calipers are instrumental in allowing the brakes to slow the vehicle, and they will sustain some of the most extreme stresses when stopping the car.

Myth: It Will Always Be Very Noticeable When It Is Time to Replace the Brakes

Car owners will also frequently assume that they will be to easily tell when it is necessary for them to have their brakes replaced. While there are some warning signs that this work is needed, it can be possible for car owners to fail to realize that this is needed until after the car has become unsafe to operate. For example, a loud squealing sound from the brake will be one of the most noticeable warning signs that they need to be serviced, but the brakes will be extremely unsafe and unreliable once they start to make this noise. The ability of the brakes to slow and stop the vehicle will also gradually decrease. While it may seem as though this would be easy to notice, it is gradual enough to be missed by many car owners. Due to these reasons, you should keep accurate records of when your brakes were last serviced so that you will know when it is time to have this work done before the vehicle becomes unsafe to operate.

Myth: Keeping the Wheels Clean Has No Effect on the Performance of the Brakes

It may not seem like cleaning the wheels will be an important factor in extending the life of your brakes, but it can provide some useful benefits. For example, failing to keep the wheels clean can make it easier for dirt and grime to move from the wheels to the brakes. Eventually, these materials can inhibit the ability of the brakes to slow and stop the vehicle. By regularly cleaning the exterior of your wheels, you can avoid this potentially dangerous problem.

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Taking Care of Your Car Keeps You Safe

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