Taking Care of Your Car Keeps You Safe

Taking Care of Your Car Keeps You Safe

Tips For Starting A Junkyard Company

by Kent Alvarez

Junk vehicles can be a great detraction from the curb appeal of a house when they are old and rusty. However, getting rid of a vehicle can be difficult when you are in a financial bind. If you want to jump into an industry that can bring in some extra money, consider starting your own junkyard company to help people get rid of their dormant vehicles. You can offer to pick dormant vehicles up free of charge, and then you can use the vehicles to make money. Take a look at this article for guidance on starting a junkyard company.

1. Start Advertising Your Services to the Public

The first step to starting your junkyard is to start offering the public your services. Simply place ads in the newspaper to inform people that you are will to pick their dormant vehicles up without charging them any money. You can also use flyers to advertise your services. Leave the flyers in business establishment if you get permission to do so, or hang them around the city.

2. Get Help from a Towing Company

If you don't have a vehicle that is sufficient enough for towing other vehicles, seek help from a towing company. When a customer calls for you to pick their dormant vehicle up, a towing company should be able to handle the work on your behalf in a short amount of time. Tell the tow truck company where you want the vehicles towed, such as to a designated piece of land that you want to use as a junkyard. Keep in mind that a towing company can also transport more than one vehicle at a time. Although dormant vehicles will be getting towed, rest assured that the tow truck driver will take good care of them to prevent further damage.

3. Remove & Sell the Usable Parts from the Vehicles

When the dormant vehicles are dropped off at your junkyard by the towing company, one like http://www.cctow.com/, you should then thoroughly inspect them. Remove parts from the vehicles that can still be used. Basically, the usable parts are one of the ways that your junkyard company can make money. For instance, motors, windows, mufflers, radiators, door handles, and almost any part of the vehicle can be sold if they are in good shape. When it comes to the aluminum bodies of the vehicles, you can have them towed to a metal recycling company like to try to make a profit.


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Taking Care of Your Car Keeps You Safe

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