Taking Care of Your Car Keeps You Safe

Taking Care of Your Car Keeps You Safe

A Few Tips On Fitting Your New Rims To Your Driving & Style Preferences

by Kent Alvarez

Here are a few tips that will help you determine what adjustments you need to make and what types of rims you need to purchase in order to achieve your desired driving and style preferences.

#1 Cool Look

If you are just after a cool look, and want to change how your car looks but don't really want to chance how your vehicle drives, getting the right pair of rims should be relatively simple. You just need to find out the wheel diameter, width, and aspect ratio of your current set of rims. You are going to want to just find a new set of rims that fit your style goals that have the same measurements as your current set of rims.

If you get new rims that are the same size, you don't need to get new tires; your old tires should fit just fine on your new set of rims.

#2 Smooth Ride

If you want something that looks good, but provides you with a smooth ride, you are going to want going to want to go with smaller tires. You'll want rims that have taller sidewalls. This will help improve your handling when you are on the road. You should experience less bumps when you are on the road, and you should not feel the road as much. You should enjoy a smoother ride when you are on the road.

#3 Acceleration & Cornering

If you are looking for better acceleration and cornering, that means you are wanting to get performance enhancements out of your new set of rims. You are going to want to go with a set of rims that has a wider diameter than you currently have. A wider diameter will mean that you are going to need to purchase a new set of tires; these tires are going to need to have a shorter sidewall than the set you currently have on your vehicle. This will allow you to get better cornering and better control as you drive.

However, one of the side effects is that your tires are not going to last as long as they used to. Additionally, your tires may be more expensive as well to replace.

Be sure to let the tire place know if you want your new custom rims to look cool, provide you with sporty handling or give you a smooth ride. What you are looking for will influence the types of rims that you end up with. 


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Taking Care of Your Car Keeps You Safe

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