Taking Care of Your Car Keeps You Safe

Taking Care of Your Car Keeps You Safe

Safety Upgrades To Look For When Shopping For A Semi

by Kent Alvarez

Deciding to be an owner-operator of your own long-haul trucking business is a huge decision to make. Being an owner-operator can be risky due to the multi-billion dollar problem of cargo theft, particularly when parked while en route. Research shows that stationary and unattended trucks accounted for 90% of stolen cargo in 2014. Here are several things to consider. 

GPS and geofencing technology in your semi and trailer

Sometimes, you simply need to get out of and away from your semi, whether to attend to matters in the restroom, to grab a bite to eat, or to get a haircut. When you're in the long-haul business, you may need to leave your truck unattended for brief periods of time throughout any given week. Unfortunately, this can leave your semi and trailer open as targets for theft. Technological advances can allow you to keep track of your semi and/or trailer by using GPS tracking devices connected to an app on your mobile phone.

These GPS tracking devices use geofencing technology, which means you would be alerted by the app if your semi and/or trailer goes outside of a predetermined area that you programmed into the device beforehand. While this technology won't keep thieves from taking your semi and trailer, law enforcement will have a far easier time finding your property and cargo by following the GPS tracking device.

Many new models come with GPS geofencing capabilities; however, older models can be retrofitted with the devices. Due to the risks of theft, some insurance companies provide reduced rates for owner-operators who install GPS geofencing devices in semis and trailers. 

Concealed carry permit and lockable storage containers 

When long-haul truckers sleep in their trucks on a nightly basis, they often worry about being robbed or hijacked. Due to the risks of theft and crime, some truckers opt to exercise their constitutional rights and conceal-carry firearms. A huge deterrent for a thief is seeing a bright red spot on their body from a laser pointer of a firearm. The problem, however, is that you have to be fully aware of the reciprocity laws for your permit, which is based on the state that issues your permit. The reciprocity law determines whether a different state will honor your concealed carry permit. It's crucial to be fully aware of which states do not honor your concealed carry permit if you choose to obtain one.

You can use this interactive map to find which states do and which states do not. Checking this interactive reciprocity map should become part of your standard operating procedures. Make a habit of including this information in your itinerary. That way, you will know whether or not you need to pull over before you cross a state line. Before you enter a state that does not recognize your concealed carry permit, you will need to lock away your firearm(s), magazine(s), and ammo in separate lock boxes not readily or easily accessible to the cab of your semi. 

Because of your need to have several lockable boxes in the semi when having a concealed carry permit, it's a good idea to include it as one of your top must-haves when shopping for your truck. If you already have a firearm, take the hard lock case with you when shopping. That way, you can see whether or not the hard case would fit in a storage compartment or area inside the truck of your choice. Remember, you need to keep everything in separate lockable containers, so you'll need at least one for the firearm and another for the ammo or magazine. 

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Taking Care of Your Car Keeps You Safe

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